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Superpower Lash Growth Powder


Full Size

50 G


QAR 122.00

Therapeutic Antimony Powder Waterproof powder extracted from a natural stone has been used for over 15 centuries to enhance eyesight and maintain overall eye health. Even before the dawn of Islam and during the time of Jahilyah, althmad (antimony) kohl was famous for its unique benefits. Antimony is truly special because it is the only type of kohl that Prophet Mohammed has praised and affirmed its benefits. It carries enormous health benefits for the eyes and is considered both a treatment and a beautification agent. Regardless of gender, it was used to strengthen eyesight and has a tremendous ability to activate follicles and regrow eyelashes and eyebrows. Besides, antimony compounds fight parasites and heal congestion for eye inflammation, allergies, and germs. This stone is also used to treat some cases of baldness and ringworm of the skin. It protects the eyes from any external threats and reduces visual aging impairments, regardless of gender. Kohl gives a long-lasting subtle aesthetic aspect to the look, making it appear beautiful to beholders of both sexes, with big eyes, glowing skin, and thick eyebrows. Gender-neutral physical traits, such as these, are what make both genders appear beautiful. Kohl can be used as both eyeliner and mascara at the same time.  

Using the wooden stick provided in the package, apply the kohl inside the eye. Close your eyes for a few seconds afterward, allowing any contaminated tears to fall out. Wait for five minutes until the tears stop, then wipe the eye with argan oil.

On the first use, you may notice severe redness in the eye due to kohl’s properties in cleaning eye bacteria. However, with repeated use, you will see a gradual disappearance of redness and irritation. It is preferable to use it at night. Kohl is suitable for babies, infants, men, and women.

Note: Before and after each use, clean the wooden stylus with rose water.




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